Lawn Care Services

You’ve already started planning out how many barbecues you’re going to have this year and all of the new memories you are going to create in your yard. There’s only one problem. The lawn you see when you look outside is nothing like the lush, green, weed-free yard that you see in your mind. In fact, your lawn looks so far from the one in your mind that you’re not even sure where to start. MKL Enterprises loves your lawn almost as much as you do so we will help you get your lawn started in the right direction this Spring or during the summer months!

MKL Snow Plowing & Removal

In Berkshire County, winter brings windy, cold, snowy, and sometimes, icy weather. Our winter usually kicks in December, and its' regular heavy snow falls result in a thick covering of snow all throughout the winter season. For all commercial snow and ice removal services in the Berkshires, MKL Enterprises snow removal can effectively and efficiently manage your snow removal concerns. From entryways to roadways, you can depend on MKL Enterprise to ensure your surfaces are safe and clear. Our clients fully entrust us to provide scheduled effective, efficient and reliable solutions that ensure their operations continue as normal, regardless of what Mother Nature throws their way.

MKL Property Preseravtion and Clean Up

MKL Enterprise will secure and adequately protect vacant and abandoned properties throughout default, foreclosure, and conveyance by offering a multitude of services and abiding by the appropriate client preservation guidelines as required. We monitor and maintain property condition utilizing inspection results and information from our field staff as well as our partner contractors to prevent declining conditions. We communicate with code enforcement offices as necessary to address and correct issued or pending violations on properties managed for our clients with an overall goal of mitigating code violations completely.

MKL Landscaping Services

Every landscape has the potential for great things. So how do you make yours truly flourish? Easy. Having expert care on your side from day one, that’s how! Put your trust in MKL Enterprise and get the best partner in integrated grounds management on your side. Count on us and you’ll get more than just top-notch service for your project — we’ll help you consistently meet your goals and stay within your budget, too.

MKL Household Projects

Some properties need further attention beyond cleaning and organizing. MKL Enterprises has the ability to work cross-trade and be a hub for the many hands it takes to renovate, rehab or rebuild any type of home or property. MKL Enterprise understands the multitudes of issues and people needed to bring these larger scale projects to completion. We can assist you — the homeowner, trustee, guardian, Power of Attorney — to make the most of the real estate asset going to market.

MKL Carpentry

Are you looking for a friendly and courteous carpenter to make some home improvements, and add some value to your property price? Or are you a landlord refurbishing a property that you have recently purchased, with a view to letting out on the property market? MKL Enterprises can manage your complete carpentry refurbishment project from start to completion, which means one phone call – one invoice – one payment.

MKL Concrete and Stone Work

MKL Enterprises specializing in the conservation, restoration and repair of stonework, patios, and concrete walkways. Whether it is a commercial or residential housing, we can deliver great craftsmanship and honest work. Services include surveys and consultation, carving and production, and site conservation implementation through its experienced site mason teams.

MKL Junk Pick-up and Removal

Do you have junk that needs to be tossed from your home or office? The last thing you need to worry about is the pile of junk that is sitting in the corner of your room or office. MKL Enterprises can get rid of your junk, save you money and protect the environment. But not only do we specialize in residential and commercial junk removal for homes, offices and warehouses throughout Berkshire County and other couties in New England, but we also do other things! We also recycle your junk. Whatever can be recycled, we’ll recycle it. If we can donate it and put it to good use with a reputable organization, we’ll do that.